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The Future of the Rail Park

The once abandoned rail yard is on track for a rebirth, preserved and re-purposed into the Viaduct Rail Park.

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Learn more about the Rail Park’s indigenous plants

Filling in the untended, unnoticed, and perhaps unvalued nooks of our Philadelphia metropolises, is the plant life of the Rail Park. The benefits these plants provide to the ecology and human life of our city are often untold, but are both fascinating and important.

As you explore the Rail Park be sure to consult our list of featured plants to visually identify and learn more about your findings. This list includes brief descriptions, scientific names, and fun facts. For example, did you know that Thomas Edison experimented with the sap of Goldenrod to produce rubber?

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Join us at the PHS Pop Up Garden opening this June

Located at the Viaduct Rail Park at 10th and Hamilton Streets, the newest PHS Pop Up Garden transforms an unlikely space into a fabulous community asset. Open June 1 through September 30.

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